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Its time to talk...

Sometimes life can throw up some challenging and difficult times, or there maybe a time in your past that you have carried with you that's been surfacing recently or holding you back from what or where you deserve to be in life.


Maybe you have been experiencing feelings that you are not sure off and would like to explore them in a safe, supported way. Its time to ask yourself if its time to talk. 

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What is Counselling? 

Counselling can be a great way to explore these feelings, around a number of issues you maybe facing or finding difficulty facing. Issues may arise from Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Abuse, Confidence/Body issues, Bereavement, School, Exam pressures, Family issues, Depression and many more. Counselling can help enable better ways of coping and look at bringing change to your life. 

What happens in a session? 

Sessions can be different for each individual depending on the material, however within our sessions we will build a therapeutic relationship in a safe, holding space. 

The length of therapy may vary depending on what the client brings.


Some people have specific areas they would like to focus on and others would like to explore themselves deeper, making it hard to determine when therapy should finish, so a time is never set, allowing the client to decide as and when they would like to end. 

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Making a referral 

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To make a referral for counselling support either in person or online please get in touch, either through email or making a self referral by clicking the link below:

Or visiting BACP:

Or Counselling Directory:


An initial assessment is recommended for us to meet and discuss history and what you might be looking for from the sessions, allowing you to see if you feel we would be a good fit. This initial session is an hour long and any following sessions will be 50 minutes. 

Sessions can be either face to face or online. In person sessions will take place at Loudwater House, London Road, High Wycombe.

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