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Child's Pose


The union of the body, mind and breath.

I'm sure you've heard of all the hype around the word Yoga but not quite sure what it is, or think its only for people who are really bendy.


Maybe you tried a class a long time ago and didn't like it, but did you try a different class or teacher? There are so many wonderful styles of Yoga or teachers, that it's important to find the one that suits you, because the practice of Yoga is available for everyone, the hardest thing is showing up to your mat.


Yoga Class
Yoga Equipment

Vinyasa Yoga



Downley Community Centre

This is a moving and flowing class, easing you into the more physical yoga postures with options to increase the stretch if you feel ready. We will work with the breath with specific breathing techniques to help de-stress the mind and body, finishing with a peaceful relaxation to help the body completely unwind. 

The world of Yoga can be a big place and everyone is welcome, this class will guide you at your own pace, with full support in starting your yoga practice. Come and explore what the mat has to offer you. 

Vinyasa Yoga


9 - 10 am 


This is a moving, morning flow, waking your body up gently stretching your way into the day.  A gentle beginning flow, creating warmth in the body with sun salutations, then moving into deeper postures for a hold of 5 breaths, helping you explore the connection to your body, mind and mat. Yoga works all the muscles and in our class we work on strengthening the core, stamina and work towards general fitness.  In this class we switch the tempo up with vigorous vinyasas along with a soundtrack to help keep the heat in the body – working towards our mantra of ‘strong body – strong mind.’ and working towards that well rewarded savasana relaxation at the end. This is an online class. 


Corporate Yoga

Not enough time in the day? Cant get to a class and need to destress? We can come to you, offering Yoga to your team, in the work place, adequate for all levels. Get in touch to find out more. 

Yoga Class

Private 1-1

Want to start a practice but nervous about big group classes, or that daunting feeling of everyone knows what their doing except you. Maybe you want to deepen your practice, focusing on certain aspects of your body or life, then how about a private 1-1 class, focusing on you as an individual and supporting you all the way. You can even ask a friend to join you so you can split the cost. Get in touch to find out more.  

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