Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath 10th June

Friday 10th June 7:30 - 9pm

  • 20 British pounds
  • Hazlemere Recreation Memorial Hall


Join me for an evening of deep relaxation, Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath This will be an evening of allowing yourself to fully let go, starting with a Yoga Nidra or also know as Yogic sleep. This is a guided meditation taking you into a calming space for the mind and body. Guiding you into a the unconscious between sleep and the waking state, bringing calm to the body and mind and allowing a release of any stuck emotions allowing deep healing to occur, followed by a heavenly Sound bath, working on raising the vibrations with beautiful healing instruments such as the crystal bowls, chimes, ocean drum and many more. There is no prior Yoga experience needed for this evening just yourselves, warm layers a yoga mat, cushions or whatever will make you feel comfortable and an open heart and mind! This is a safe experience and can be hugely releasing, everyones journey is completely different Please note that space is limited, so booking in advance is essential and no admission is accepted on the day. Please arrive at least ten minutes before to allow you to get settled, unfortunately late comers will not be admitted due to disruption, so please do make sure you arrive slightly earlier. Doors open at 7:10pm. This Sound bath evening will be held at Hazlemere Recreation Memorial Hall, there is plenty of free parking at the venue. Please note this event is non-refundable and is unsuitable for pregnancy or those who suffer from seizures. This is an adult only event. For any queries or questions you may have about the evening, please do get in contact.

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