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Sound Healing 

What is Sound Healing? 

Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind/emotions of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. 

Sound Healing can be transmitted to a person in many ways:- 

  • Through using instruments such as Himalayan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs etc.

  • Through using their own voice while listening to music

  • Through listening to another person's voice or a number of voices

  • Listening to healing and soothing music through headphones

How does Sound Healing Work? 

Each organism has its own frequency/vibratory rate. Every object in the Universe has its own unique resonant frequency, tap a wineglass and it will emit a ringing sound determined by its size, shape and the thickness. The human body is made up of 70% water, this makes it a very good conductor of sound. 

Modern medicine now uses sound waves to break up kidney and gallstones in the body. The machine used is called a Lithotripter. This machine bombards the stones with a specific sound frequency like the instruments in an orchestra. When one organ in the body is out of tune, it will eventually affect the whole body. 

Through the principle of resonance it is possible to use sound to bring the body back into harmony, this is the aim of Sound Healing. 

Sound Therapy 1:1 

If you are struggling to relax, with a busy mind or suffering with anxiety, then maybe a 1:1 Sound Healing treatment could be for you. Just lay back and allow the sound to go where it is needed. Treatments can be with Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalayan Bowls or a Sound Bath with multiple instruments. 

  • 60 mins Consultation and Treatment - £55 

  • 90 mins Consultation and Treatment - £70

For more information or to book please get in touch at

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

What is a SoundBath?

A Sound Bath is a form of Sound therapy, except it can be experienced in a 1-1 or in a group setting. Sound Baths use a mixture of instruments including Crystal Bowls, Himalayan Bowls, Gongs, percussion instruments to create a bath of sound for your body.

What to expect from your SoundBath


Sound baths are a great way to relax but also to help unblock any stuck energy from within the body and its energy centres. They are a uniquely personal experience and are a form of Sound Therapy, which are a complimentary therapy that can be used alongside conventional treatments. Please don’t worry, it is an enjoyable and relaxing experience, but these few things are good to know. 


A Sound Bath is a hugely unique experience and no two are the same, you may find uncomfortable feelings surface and that is quite normal, if this is your experience it is encouraged to stay with them and breathe into them and allow them to soften or release. They may ease on their own, however if anything ever feels too uncomfortable it is important to look after yourself and make adjustments where you see fit, or if its too much step out and take a breather. 

You may find an array of emotions may surface due to the moving of stuck energy and its important to remember they are all welcome, this can also happen after the event when the body has settled back down. Having said all that Sound Baths are an amazing relaxing experience, some of the most highly reported benefits include :-


  • Deepening relaxation 

  • Lower Stress and Anxiety 

  • Improving mood and Wellbeing

  • Improving sleep  

  • Helping with focus and energy 

  • Lower blood pressure 


What to Bring

 You can basically bring anything short of a bed! This is all about making yourself as comfortable and warm as possible as you will be laying down or in whatever position is comfortable for the length of the Sound Bath. It's generally a good rule of thumb for you to bring a Yoga mat, or something comfortable to lay on, blankets or thick layers, small pillow to support your head and some water. 


Upcoming Sound Baths

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