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Welcome to Self Stone Healing Therapies, like most things in life, it's been a journey to get here.

For many years I worked hard in the corporate world, working for others for little to no recognition, and each day I would come home and just be absolutely shattered, drained, energy depleted. I found no joy from my work and when I was honest with myself, I was only staying for the people that I met and grew all to fond off. I didn't want to leave the stability and security. Then life happened, as it spectacularly does! Ah Life.....

I was thrown into a personal Existential Crisis which left me with endless questions. Ones I couldn't find answers to and desperately needed, as more questions kept coming. I had already started on my journey with Yoga, attending a weekly class realising it helped me to find a connection with myself that I thought never existed, it turns out, I had just ignored it all this time! I started to find answers to some of my questions, from within. This was also around the time I had decided to start my Psychotherapy training, it was almost a baptism of fire! Actually, I say almost, it was a baptism of fire! However, I was in for the long haul.

Exploring the world of psychology and counselling opened up my tunnel vision view. I had started to experience myself in a different light and relate to people in a different way. Fear became my greatest enemy and also my greatest teacher. I delved deeper into explorations of Body Psychotherapy, Bioengetics, Gestalt, 5Rythms, Sound healing, energy healing, each one leading onto the next, until I began to realise how open I had become to trying new adventures in the exploration of Self, Healing and to find those damn answers to my questions.

We as humans, have an amazing potential to combine the amazing gifts of modern medicine, which help rebuild our human vehicles, but who helps the driver of our human vehicles? Mind, Body and Spirit. What would it be like to take responsibility for our own healing and think about our drivers?

One of the best quotes I ever read and has stayed with me, was from Caroline Myss, PhD, she said ‘Your Biography becomes your Biology’. As science starts to prove that trauma, anxieties and other ailments in our modern lives are stored within the body, this now seems more than ever a great time to start creating the right biography to our lives. The Biography you’ve always wanted. A healthy driver, engine and car, as we all know how dangerous and windy some roads can be.


I know I've defiantly decided to take that step and here, Self Stone Healing Therapies was born.



Self Stone Healing Therapies


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