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Shine Within

Shine Within

SKU: 005

This beautiful little box is full of energy. Within this small but energetic box you will find:


  • Rose Quartz Generator
  • Rainbow Quartz polished point
  • Calfornian Sage Stick


Our generators amplify the properties of its crystal due to its four points and central apex, rose quartz being known as the crystal of gentle love and bringer of peace. This is a stone that is essential to healers, great to have as it aids easing pain, tensions, emotional wounds such as grief, stress, fear or anger.


Also reach in for your rainbow quartz and make a wish, this beautiful crystal promises happiness in ways you need it the most, hold this crystal to the natural sunlight and feel its energising, cleansing and balancing energies, allow the light of the crystal to fill your chakras and aura. This crystal is the best for connecting to dreams and desires, sprinkle it with water in the shining sunlight.


Please be aware that you will need to light your sage wand to smudge your crystals, so please be careful using and around naked flames. Make sure to extinguish your wand once finished, by resting in an abalone shell, dish that is fire safe or in a cup. DO NOT put onto flammable materials or surfaces that are likely to catch light or mark.


All packed in our recycled and recyclable box, don’t forget to rummage in the natural raffia for any hidden goodies just in case somethings hidden just for you!


    Our boxes are made from partly recycled and fully recyclable material once the magnets and the ribbon tab have been removed, these gift boxes are high quality. All boxes have an elegant ribbon tab to open the box with. The boxes then close securely with a magnet fixture, making a "snap" as the magnet catches.

    Small box 120 x 140 x 65

    Natural Raffia


    Please see our FAQS page for information on returns & refunds. 


    Royal Mail 1st Class signed for based on weight.

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